REMA 1000 – Hubbard

The goal to aim for together with the agency McCann Oslo, and the clients: Norwegian welfare organisation “Dyrevernalliansen”/supermarket chain “REMA 1000”, was to tell a story that was fun and enlightning, introducing a new chicken breed for the first time in Norway. It’s called Hubbard and have some advantages over other breeds. It’s a chicken that lives longer, has more freedom and in sum is cooler than other chickens. The agency McCann Oslo, wanted us to make the film highly realistic in terms of chicken look and at the same time put a big smile on your face. To achieve this, we choose to work with a mix of techniques including 3D-creatures and live birds shot on location in Trondheim, Norway.

In parallel with the production of the shoot, we built and rigged a detailed 3D model of Hubbard and also developed our own technique for the feather system of the bird. We worked closely with dancers and our animators to get the right style on the dance while at the same time achieving credibility in the movements of our chickens. That’s one amazing chicken!!

Client: REMA 1000
Agency – McCann Norway
Production Company – Filmic Art
Director – Filmic Art

Line Producer: Valter Nilsson
DOP: Carl Mikael Ström
Focus Puller: Robert Erstad
Gaffer: Kalle Olsson
Grip: Peter Eile
VFX Supervisor: Daniel Westlund
Service Producer: Joachim Lyng
Coordinator: Julie Barstrand
Flighthead Technition: Jørgen Sviland
Production Assistant: Saara Uurtio
Chicken Wrangler: Tina Roed

Line Producer: Martin Hallgren
Editor: Gabriel Watson
VFX Supervisor: Daniel Westlund
3D Lead: Adrianos Papamarkou
3D Animator: Johan Sonestedt
3D Animator: Johan Forslind
3D Generalist: Jonas Törnros
3D Particles: Daniel Jonasson
Comp Lead: Marcus Krupa
Comp: Mikael Herrera
Comp: Olle Bergmark
Music Composer: Goran Obad
Sound mix: Pretty Productions