15 May, 2018

RAID World War II Breakdown

All of the characters were filmed in a green screen studio with the unique mask design put on. We matched the 3D scene cameras with the settings on location to get all perspectives right. All backgrounds were made with a combination of 3D and matte paintings. Every scene was set up in 3d with modells and textures, then mattepainted to get a more graphic style, then back again into 3d with camermapping and into comp to match the footage. A stuntman was hired to make the jump through the window though the glass and then fall on a thin blue fitness mattress. All glas was made in 3D but still that kind of fall is nothing a normal person could do without suffering some internal damage.

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Wednesday 23.07.05

Silver Lion

Wednesday 23.07.05

Silver Lion in Cannes

Wednesday 23.04.12

Vi är nominerade i Guldägget