Better with candy cars

  • Client

    Ahlgrens Bilar
  • Agency


The best-selling ‘car’ in Sweden isn’t one you can drive; it’s one you can eat! This candy has been a beloved treat amongst swedes for generations. Historically, their ads have been eye-catching and memorable, but this year they wanted boost their creativity even more. To reach youth and young adults as a new target group, the look and feel of this ad had to resonate with today’s pop culture. The main source of inspiration? Music videos. We brought this style alive with cell animated quirky characters and backgrounds made in 3D with a miniature feel to it. We produced 20s, 15s and 6s ads, each in 4 different formats for social, DOOH and TV. The music score was composed exclusively for this commercial, amplifying the joyful and carefree atmosphere of the film.