Leave It Behind

  • Client

    Lynk & Co
  • Agency

    Jung Von Matt
  • Category

    Digital Billboard

The concept “Leave The Ownershit Behind” for Lynk & Co takes a stand against car ownership and the fact that cars stand still 96% of the time. Instead of solely selling cars, they make it easy for customers to borrow or subscribe to their vehicles. Together with the agency¬†Ljung Von Matt, we created content for a digital billboard in Milan that bends over the edge of a building. The idea is to create an illusion of a 3D space where eyes, car parts and text moves outside the two-dimensional boundaries of the screen. By modelling the bent billboard in 3D, we were able to test the placement of objects in the screens to succeed with the illusion. The final product was delivered in two parts that separately would be perceived as skewed, but together from the right angle they created a three-dimensional atmosphere for the viewer.