The Lamplighters League

  • Publisher

    Paradox Interactive
  • Developer

    Harebrained Schemes

The Lamplighters League is a new turn-based strategy game that will be released for PC and Xbox in 2023. The game is developed by Harebrained Schemes (known for the Shadowrun series, BattleTech) and published by Paradox Interactive. The Lamplighters League is a tactical game set in an alternate 1930s, where a tyrannical cult called the Banished Court stands on the cusp of world domination. And the only ones who can save world is a band of heroic scholars known as the Lamplighters League. With strong characters weaving adventures and gameplay in a new world, it creates a fresh and immersive experience.

We collaborated closely with the client to bring their vision to life. Our team handled scriptwriting, dialogue recording, character animation, and background design. Using the game characters as our base, we scaled up the textures to work in close-ups. With great attention to detail, we hand-painted all the textures, resulting in a captivating and illustrative look. Our talented Filmic Art team designed the backgrounds and environments from scratch.