The world of Filmic Art

Filmic Art is a directing production and animation company, founded in Sweden in 2007. With technical solutions and moving stories, we succeed in creating meaningful films that build relationships and strengthen brands.

At Filmic Art we are passionate about VFX and animation, and for over a decade we have produced visually exciting and engaging films over all types of platforms, both for Scandinavian and international clients.

Our Stockholm team consists of experienced artists in 3D, animation, graphic design, editing and film production. And by uniting directing, production and post production under one roof, we’re not only reaching a higher level of creativity, but also speeding up the decision making process. All this to achieve a truly excellent result as efficiently as possible.

Three things we can do for you

Concept Development

We help our clients with developing ideas, concepts and scripts. By creating storyboards and animatics we are able to visualize the idea early on, thus giving us a solid foundation to work with.

3D Production & Film with VFX

Our main focus is advanced 3D animation, but we also produce films with live action, 2D animation, compositing and other visual effects. Our talented Directors and Producers will guide you through these processes.

Post production & Formats

In post-production we offer a variety of services including editing, graphics, sound design, grade and versioning for SoMe, TV and other forms of digital screens.


We are experienced at producing adverts together with agencies, in-house agencies and brands. Whether it’s a product or the brand itself that’s being marketed, we always love the challenge of reaching the right crowd in the most creative way as possible. And luckily we have many tools to do so.

Game Trailers

The gaming industry is growing exponentially and just like others are in need of marketing – so are they. We are used to collaborating with gaming companies and producing trailers, teasers, character animation and animated graphics for them. These productions usually have massive and enthusiastic crowds, which has led to a great response and reach for the films we produce.

Film with VFX

In the cases where the concept and idea requires human elements or specific locations we can produce real footage in combination with visual effects. With the technical solutions we provide with 3D-animation, 2D-animation and compositing we can lift the filmed footage to a new and heightened reality. And since we control the whole chain from filming to post-production, we can reach a better result with shorter deadlines and better economy.

Some of our clients

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