VFX – Animation – Storytelling

FILMIC ART in Stockholm is a production company with directors that combine animation, visual effects and film. We embrace what other think is difficult and love to combine 3D and 2D animation with VFX and movie material to tell stories in new and exciting ways.

As a film production company, we have a heart for VFX and animation and today we help customers throughout Scandinavia as well as Europe, Middle East and USA with film productions. Our team in Stockholm has a background in graphic design, animation, 3D, VFX and film production. Our goal as a film company is to always create exciting and engaging films that outperform the usual and capture its audience across all digital platforms, whether it’s commercials, corporate movies or mobile content for social media.

We work closely with our clients throughout the process of tight reconciliation at all stages of filming and animation. In this way, we will achieve a result that benefits everyone, it becomes a higher creative level, faster decisions, less misconceptions and more cost-effective, and above all, it will be more fun to do things together.

We have won several Swedish, European and American prices. For example Best animation in Roy, gold i Deauville International Green Awards, double silver i Cannes Corporate Awards and Grand Winner 2020 i NYX Awards, Los Angeles.