26 Feb, 2016

NIRA Breakdown

All environments are built from scratch, mountains, roads and plants. We were aiming for a feeling of real roads and real environments so we looked at the topography and got our inspiration from actual mountain roads such as Mullholland Drive in Los Angeles and Skyline Boulevard in San Francisco. All vegetation was made in 3d and some of the threes and bushes were made from scratch. Wind is also applied to the vegetation, though very subtle. The car is a rebuilt modell to get a generic no-branded car, then rigged and animated. For render we used Octane Render, a GPU render that renders very fast. We usually work with V-Ray, but since we needed to render 4 minutes of full CGI in this project, we needed something to render faster. It wasn’t a smooth ride with all GPU render though, lots of work got into tweaking Octane to get the result we wanted.

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Wednesday 23.07.05

Silver Lion in Cannes

Wednesday 23.07.05

Silver Lion